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If the Trees Heard Us

Lost within a vast, barren landscape, an estranged brother and sister embark on a journey searching for their childhood home.


After a year of planning, fundraising, traveling, shooting, re-shooting, and editing, our team could not have been more honored to receive the Grand Jury Prize from The Lousiville Film Society and Speed Cinema at the Louisville Short Film Slam 2023!

Thank you so much to our incredible community of friends, family, and supporters who made If the Trees Heard Us a reality. This is only the beginning of what will be a phenomenal festival season. Follow our Instagram or sign up for our email list below for any and all updates.

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from the director

If the Trees Heard Us started with an assortment of various ideas, central of which was the enigmatic quality that can come with one’s individual healing process. Inspired by the vast emptiness of North Dakota’s landscapes, this film strives to evoke the loneliness of rehashed memory, while also recognizing the harsher, uncertain possibility that come when one tries to move forward.

meet our team


Noah Griffin is from Louisville, Kentucky. A graduate of Western Kentucky University’s Film program, he’s long had a passion for creating immersive environments and guiding a viewer from a purely sensorial perspective. Noah’s most recent work as a writer and director includes The Silence Between (2022) and Everlasting (2021).


A graduate of the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, Christian grew up surrounded by theatre and film. He went on to get his BFA in film production, producing projects that push the audience to question the world around them and inspire them to explore their own existence. Previous producing credits include The Silence Between (N. Griffin, 2022), and Cactus (C. Gillian, 2021).