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While moving out of their home, a desponding couple recollects on their crumbling relationship.

Watch The Silence Between

Our team of artists has worked incredibly hard over the past year, and we are so excited to finally share this film with you. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our crew, we could not have brought this film to life without your help.

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from the director

The Silence Between started with a specific feeling/mood: The sense of intense regret and sadness that can loom over someone when they are alone. Such a feeling informed everything for me directorially: While watching this film, I aspired for it to be as sensorial/experiential for the viewer as possible, while still maintaining a narrative through-line. So while it may be based on menial, mundane tasks, I feel like it’s about the aftermath, the feeling of melancholy and uncertainty that percolates through all the small, in-between moments of one’s various low points in life.


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meet our team

The Frost House

Our crew of talented filmmakers drove 8 hours to visit Michigan City, Indiana's historic landmark The Frost House. This gorgeously preserved midcentury home is named after the original owners and occupants for over 50 years, Dr. Robert Frost and Mrs. Amelia Frost. The secluded, densely wooded backyard and stunning interior provided the perfect location for our short.

Visit their Instagram or website to learn more about this remarkable piece of architecture and history.

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